Fly Away Earrings ✦ Chakra Jewelry

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Chakra: 1st

Color: Gold

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Fly away and feel your wings spreading. You are ready to let go. You are ready to jump. The world is yours to discover. You are safe.
Pendants: 2” x 5“, 14k Gold plated Brass / Stainless Steel with feather pendants
Earring Hooks: 14k Gold/Silver Plated Brass
✦ Explore the 7 Chakras ✦ 
Which one resonates with you? 

1st Chakra ◇ Birth "to have" Grounding, Physical Needs
2nd Chakra ◇ Desire "to feel" Creativity, Sensuality
3rd Chakra ◇ Strength "to act" Power, Self image, Control Energy
4th Chakra ◇ Heart "to love" Love, Compassion, Healing
5th Chakra ◇ Voice "to speak" Communication, Creativity
6th Chakra ◇ Vision "to see" Intuition, Insight
7th Chakra ◇ Thought "to know" Understanding