Rising Frequency, born from a fusion of science and spirituality, channels its essence through jewelry. Each delicate yet dynamic piece draws inspiration from the principles of cymatics and the body's chakras, aiming to empower and connect us with the universe. It's all about harnessing strength and happiness, finding our inner voice, and living life consciously and with purpose.

Lana, the creative force behind Rising Frequency, is an inspirator, creator, and innovator. Her journey began in the realm of digital art, but she ultimately sought inspiration in the beauty of nature and her surroundings. After overcoming a challenging period in life, Lana delved into meditation, yoga, and intentional living, discovering her true self. By transforming art into a healing tool, she tapped into the powerful energy that she believes resides within all of us, leading to the birth of Rising Frequency.

For Lana, science, nature, form, and shape serve as guiding principles. She skillfully incorporates the body's chakras into her jewelry, using cymatic visualization of sound frequencies to craft intricate pieces that blend bohemian aesthetics with elegance and a deep sense of connectivity. It's a beautiful journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and embracing the power that lies within us all.