Twin Power Necklace ✦ Chakra Jewelry

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Color: Gold

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How to order: Please pick two chakras and write them down at the "Order Special Instructions" in the check out section.
Invite in two of your chakra frequencies.
When this duo comes in you can combine your intentions for the day and enhance your well being. 
Pendants: 1.5" x 1.5", 14k Gold Plated Brass  / Stainless Steel
Chain: 16" & 18”, 14k Gold Filled Brass / Sterling Silver

✦ Explore the 7 Chakras ✦ 
Which one resonates with you? 

1st Chakra ◇ Birth "to have"  Grounding, Physical needs
2nd Chakra ◇ Desire "to feel"  Creativity, Sensuality
3rd Chakra ◇ Strength "to act" Power, Self image, Control energy
4th Chakra ◇ Heart "to love" Love, Compassion, Healing
5th Chakra ◇ Voice "to speak" Communication, Creativity
6th Chakra ◇ Vision "to see" Intuition, Insight
7th Chakra ◇ Thought "to know" Understanding